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Sujawal District’s population is about 780,000 approximately. Urban Population is almost 9%. Previously, it was old Taluka of District ThattaSindh. The Government of Sindh granted Sujawal the status of a district in 2013. The new district comprises of Sujawal, Kharochan, Mirpur Bathoro, Jati and Shah Bander talukas. Sujawal is an agricultural area with a few industries.

Location of the site where Natural Gas has been discovered is in Deh Sari, Taluka Jati. It is more than 35 km from main Jati City. From Zulfikarabad limits it is more than 16 km. Successful Petroleum Companies are mandated for the general development of the area and a Committee at District Level is responsible for the implementation of such socio-economic development. The site of Natural Gas exploration is in one of the backward and remotest sea intruded area of the province. Being one of the poorest area thus it needs meaningful measures for the socio-economic upliftment in terms of providing employment, education and health facilities including solar clean drinking water facilities i.e. boring & R/o Plants. Moreover, solar cooking system is also the need of the area. Besides being a convenient facility it will also discourage tree cutting. If ZDA is mandated to take such initiatives, it will earnestly endeavour for attaining optimal development in the area.

The operational area is almost devoid of basic facilities and indeed discovery of Natural Gas is a ray of hope provided things are seen on ground and public benefit takes place in the real sense. The Natural Gas site is located in Deh Sari, Taluka Jati, District Sujjawal on the lands under jurisdiction of Zulfikarabad Development Authority (ZDA). Depending upon final analysis as to the quantity of gas, it will be technically decided later on where the Plant would be established.

ZDA has been working constantly for promoting Pakistan Petroleum Limited (PPL) in public interest which includes initiatives with PPL, Land Administration and Revenue Management Information System (LARMIS), Board of Revenue, District Administration and Directorate of Survey Settlements and Land Records etc.

In sequel to necessary action by ZDA Demarcation Committees consisting of Members from Revenue Department, Survey Department and Representatives from ZDA, already physical verification of ZDA lands took place as far back in 2011 and authentic maps of lands available in ZDA Headquarters.

However, it was found appropriate to obtain Digitized Map from the Competent Authority i.e. LARMIS, Board of Revenue, Sindh as such facility was not available in 2011.

For the purpose, ZDA Land Management Committee held its meeting at ZDA Headquarters, Karachi attended by representatives of LARMIS, LU Department and Survey Department besides ZDA officials.

The displayed Digitized Map as drawn, recently, by LARMIS, Board of Revenue, Sindh exhibits ZDA Lands in Deh Lakha and Deh Sari, Taluka Jati, District Sujjawal, where PPLs Access Road & Exploration Sites are located, respectively. Map is further endorsed by Director of Settlements Survey and Land Records Hyderabad.

It is also expected that another exploration site may be worked upon for oil discovery in the vicinity of the present site which will bring out the real benefits out of natural resources in the area.

Site area is quite thinly populated whose fortunes seems to be now brightened.

On the whole there are about 166 Creeks running from Arabian Sea into Sindh Province. As far as Taluka Jati is concerned, two main Creeks from it join Arabian Sea. Kajar Creek is the deepest of all. When joining Arabian Sea it widens upto 4 km. The other prominent Creek of Taluka Jati is Sir Creek. The depths of Creeks are un-predictable.

ZDA is constantly active in the area conducting Surveys, Field Visits in pursuit of Conceptual Master Planning as been given a final shape for further initiatives. It may be mentioned that ZDA’s Designated Special Economic Zones are located in Taluka Jati, Taluka Shah Bunder and Taluka Kharochhan in District Sujjawal on the East of River Indus and Taluka Keti Bunder in District Thatta on the West of River Indus.